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9 Questions

Screening Test for Autism?

Dr. Johanna Fricke, an associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Nevada School of Medicine provided these. They need to be asked when children are 18-months old.

I only wish that we had been asked these question EARLY. 

A poster with these question should be displayed prominently by the scales where they weigh our little ones.  Maybe someday they will be on the wall in every pediatrician's examining and waiting room for doctors and parents to see.

Two or more "No" answers could point toward autism.

Does your Child

1. Enjoy being swung or bounced on your knee?

2. Ever pretend to feed themselves or a doll from an empty cup or plate?

3. Use their index finger to point at objects of interest

4. Take an interest in other children?

5. Enjoy playing peek-a-boo or hide-and-seek?

6. Bring over objects to show you?

7. Use their index finger to point to ask for something?

8. Play properly with small toys such as cars or blocks without just mouthing, fiddling or dropping them?

9. Enjoy climbing on things, such as stairs?


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