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About Us

We are Michele, Al and Brenden Iberri.  The three of us along with three dogs, Belle a Boxer  Taylor, a we're not sure, and Aslan the Anatolian share a home near Atlanta, Georgia.

Michele for reasons only she knows married me. In 1994, we combined forces and produced a beautiful baby boy. We named him Brenden Robert Iberri.

Michele, a Capricorn was born in Texas but raised in Florida.  She is a Southern woman and in the tradition of the South, Michele is soft spoken, polite and loves Coke a Cola. Michele is Def Leppard fan. The love of her life is Brenden.

Alfred, a Cancer was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He is not always polite, rarely soft spoken and drinks coffee - black. Al likes Fleetwood Mac. The love of his life is his Michele and his children, Brenden and his son Fred and daughter Brigitte from an earlier marriage. 

Brenden, another Capricorn was born in Atlanta. Brenden loves Coke a Cola, the water, and junk food.

How did this happen?  Road trips and love created this union. A Burbank, California aerospace company sent Al to Florida where he spent a year on a NASA proposal. The company lost the proposal, but Al won Michele.

Michele and Al married in California, May 27, 1987. The same aerospace company who sent him to Florida, relocated them to Marietta, Georgia in August 1991.

However, the important part of this story is Brenden, click on the picture below to read it.


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